• 27% of contest forms are completed incorrectly*
    Do not keep incorrect records in your database, which have a negative influence
    on the outcomes of your marketing activities.
    * research based on 100 000 completed contest forms Save your time and Money!
  • Improve the effectiveness of e-mailing campaigns by eliminating
    non-existent e-mail addresses from your database.
    Lower the cost of the Call Center service. Check if the entered phone numbers
    really exist and if a form was completed with false data.
  • You generate contact leads in partner programs?
    Do not pay for any attempt to force payment by unfair affiliates.
  • Expectus guarantees full safety of your data.
    We work only at the request of and within the scope defined by the Customer.
    We guarantee safe procedures, advice of our legal department.
    We meet all the requirements of the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection.
Are you a
database owner?
Are you continuously extending
the group of your Customers?
Want to use your database in the
most effective way?
Thanks to it, you can easily
distinguish good quality records
from those which do not work well
in marketing processes.
Enter an excel file (csv) with data into the system, and within a few minutes
you will get a full report about quality of records in your database.
Build high quality databases from the beginning and check the entered data online,
on the stage of contact form completion. It is enough to use the API scripts
available in the system.

Test any data record and check its marketing value.

If you have no idea what data to enter, use examples prepared by us: a poor record, an average record, a good record.

Dane wprowadzone w testowy formularz weryfikacji nie są zapisywane w żaden sposób i służą tylko do zobrazowania wyników analizy systemu.